Where have all our brain cells gone? Can you think of anything worse than sitting through an evening of commercial driven television? Why have we become so obsessed with other peoples lives and their stupid antics? Why are some people famous, and have their pictures plastered all over the pages of magazines and newspapers, when they seemingly have accomplished nothing? Why do celebrities have to constantly have their pictures taken while in various stages of undress? Why do we continue to cheer for cheaters and spoilsports? Why do we hide our head in the sand when the politicians we like do wrong, but seek retribution from the other side for their faults? Why do we make heroes out of people with no morals or scruples? Well I could go on asking these questions all day and it wouldn’t get us anywhere. But, the question I need to ask is this, in light of the moral and ethical decay of our society, where is the Christian voice?

Please, don’t get me wrong I’m not a right-wing fundamentalist calling for the Christian takeover of our nation. I don’t believe what the western world needs is to see Christianity reestablished as the dominant force of government in order to legislate morals and ethics. On the other hand, I don’t believe that our nation should be hostile to people who hold Christian values. Responsibility for our growth and well being as Christians starts and ends with us.

It is up to us to take responsibility for our relationship with God. We have the ability to pick up our Bible, read it and respond accordingly. We also have the ability to turn off the television, and get on with our life. Because our culture radiates poor values and morals doesn’t mean we have to accept those things as the norm for our life.

I want to walk closer to God, and get to know Him more fully than I already do. I long for a better prayer life where I honestly open up to God, and I desire to allow the Holy Spirit to work more effectively in my life. I understand none of these dreams and longings are accomplished by works or trying harder. Instead, I am talking about growing closer to God through the joy of trusting more fully in God. For me, I have come to the point where if I am going to be truly serious about my Christian journey, then I need to shed some of the baggage I carry with me.

This brings me back to the questions I asked in the first paragraph. Where is the Christian voice in our society? Again, let me be clear I’m not talking about carrying signs in protest marches and things of that nature. Christianity begins in our homes and the work place where family and coworkers see us for who we really are, and not who we pretend to be. Since Christ lives within us, that is enough to be a living witness of the grace and mercy of God. We don’t need to carry a Bible everywhere we go; instead we need to allow the peace of God to flow through our attitudes and actions.

I grew up within a Christian tradition that emphasized giving Bible studies to your neighbors and friends. I’ve come to believe over the years that we weren’t really presenting Jesus very well through those studies. Oh, we were instructing people on what our Church believed and what was involved in membership, but we were not presenting the magnificence and glory of God’s unconditional love. We baptized people who knew things about God, but did they really know the God that changes the attitudes of the heart? Our witness is not what we know about God, but instead it is about who God is in our lives, and how His love changes our outlook on society. Could you imagine a church where the focus of the congregation is on Christ’s love and mercy instead of the next episode of their favorite drama?