Just a quite note to remind you that there are still a few of Ruth’s CD, “Times Like This,” left and we still have a number of the Christmas CD, “Christmas All the Time,” available. If you would like to have these for Christmas, they make great stocking stuffers or presents for friends, just contact me at ladd@thebeggardanced.com with your address and I will send them right out. The cost of the CD is fifteen dollars each and I will give you my address when you email me. I don’t need to wait for the payment before I send the CD so I am sure you will receive them by Christmas. Thanks for supporting this aspect of our ministry.

Last evening, along with four friends, Ruth and I became involved in another Bible study group. My friend Mark talked to me about working together to start a study and through his hard work and faith the study happened.  After everyone left Ruth and I couldn’t help but remark on how blessed we are to have friends. There is something magical about sitting around and sharing our understanding of God and our place in the order of things. We learn together, share together and pray for each other, and I believe we leave being better people for the experience.

Over the Christmas holidays many people find themselves alone for one reason or another. With everyone else having fun with family and friends these people often feel left out or forgotten. It is not a pleasant experience to sit alone in an apartment with absolutely nothing to do while you know all around you people are celebrating with friends and family.

This year my son and daughter are able to make it home and I know how excited I am to see them. Those of us who are fortunate to have family, and especially to have them home for Christmas, are indeed blessed. I remember one year my brother was to come home and for some reason he couldn’t get away and at the last minute had to cancel. After my father hung up the phone from talking to him he sat on the edge of the bed and cried because he wanted so much to have seen him and his family and spend the holidays together. Love is like that.

Maybe this Christmas season, after all it is the season of giving, we might invite someone into our holiday celebrations that usually doesn’t get invited and share some of our holiday joy with that person. I know this isn’t the answer to all of a person’s loneliness, but it is a start in thinking a little less of our own joy and a little more about others hurts.