Are you too busy to take time out of your packed schedule for your spiritual growth? Many Christians believe that they are. Between work, household chores, running the children to sports events, and attending church events there is not much time left for anything. Surveys taken in regards to people’s spiritual condition show that numbers of believers want to study the Bible and pray but either don’t know how or don’t have the time. This is a serious problem in the church because we are developing congregations that are almost totally dependent on the pastor and other leaders to educate them on spiritual matters.

Back in January, I woke up one morning with a deep impression that I was to start this blog. I woke Ruth and told her about my impressions and she agreed to help me set up the blog. You need to remember that neither Ruth nor I had ever read a blog; in fact I didn’t know how they even worked. In the five months since we started God has blessed and the readership has grown and grown. But, here’s the kicker, I am the one who has been encouraged the most through the postings. I have to study, pray and research for the things that I want to talk about. As a result the Bible has become more important to me and I spend a great deal of time reading and preparing these posts every day. From our studies Ruth and I are excited to present the material on the book of Galatians. Your response to these studies has way outpaced our expectations.

So, why do I tell you this? It is because I have learned that personal Bible study is what makes us grow spiritually. We all need to take time to meet God through his word and speak to God through prayer. You know the old saying, “we are never too busy for the things that interest us.” Some of you have study habits that put me to shame, but some of us need to dig a little deeper into God’s word. If you take the time to open the Bible and study, your life will change for the better. Paul encourages Timothy, “do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

I don’t mean to be offensive, but maybe it is time we turn the television off for an hour and open the Bible. Find a very comfortable area, one that suits you and has a peaceful feel, open up the Bible and read. As you study you’ll find plenty of texts that leave you puzzled. That’s fine, just go on to the next text and you will find that quite often the context of a difficult passage answers your questions. Also pray about your study. When you open up your Bible ask God to guide you in your thoughts and understanding. When those difficult aspects of scripture pop up, ask God for guidance in helping you get the drift of what’s being said. What you will find out is that in a short time your knowledge will grow and your desire to study will grow. While the Bible once may have been difficult to understand and a drudgery to read you will now find it inspiring and a joy to read.

The most important thing about studying the Bible is to keep at it. If you have troubles you just can’t work out, get help. Your pastor, on line resources or a spiritual friend can all be of service.  So dust off the old Bible, find a comfortable chair in a quiet part of the house and you are all set. God, through the Holy Spirit, will not let you down. If you have a good routine going that works for you let us know through the comments section. Your discoveries and Bible study plan might just be the motivation someone else needs to get their study going.