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by Ladd
Celtic Cross

I was with some friends a few nights back and we got to talking about all the great verses in the Bible that were based on 3:16. Of course the most famous of the texts is found in John: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever […]

What Does Baptism Mean To You?

by Ladd
Baptism 1

Somewhere along the line baptism has changed. Today, many Christians have an understanding of baptism that borders on the mystical. We somehow see it as a spiritual event that becomes the foundation for our relationship with Christ instead of the public profession of our relationship with Him. For the early Christians the steps went like […]

What Do the Baptisms in Acts Have in Common?

by Ladd

On the day of Pentecost under the conviction of the Holy Spirit three thousand people were convicted of their sins, repented and were baptized after hearing the Apostles preach Christ in the streets of Jerusalem. What fascinates me, and a great deal does, in these verses is the speed by which these people were baptized. […]