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An Invitation for All Humanity

by Ladd
S G Angels

Are all religions equal? It is a question that is no longer debated by most young people in North America; they simply take it for granted that all religions have ultimate truth and one is as good as another. In a more academic setting the nuances of each religion may be debated but all religions […]

A Serious Time To Be A Christian

by Ladd

Over the Easter weekend a suicide bomber in Pakistan blew up more than 70 Christian women and children. There are also stories coming out of Yemen that a priest may have been crucified on Easter Sunday though nothing is confirmed as of yet on that story. Regardless, the world is becoming a very unsafe place […]

All Religions Are Alike…

by Ladd

“All religions are alike” is a slogan that is beginning to wear thin. I honestly wonder if the people who glibly spout such nonsense have any clues at all about the beliefs and workings of world religions. A talking head on one of the major newscasts, in light of the murder of 12 people at […]