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A Safe Place…

by Ladd
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I know I talk a great deal about small groups but it is one of those things that I believe in and have a passion to share. Last weekend, as usual, we had a house full of fun and interesting guests. A number of those friends are active small group leaders or are interested in […]

We Must Take A Closer Look…

by Ladd

Ruth and I are reading through Genesis and I have to admit there are a great many texts that are difficult to understand in the book. Anyone reading through the first nine chapters is confronted with a host of statements that are puzzling and a bit confusing to say the least. It is not only […]

Spiritual Slump

by Ladd
bent tree

Have you ever gone through a dry spell in your Bible study or prayer life? It is something, I think, we all face at some time or another and to be honest it is quite a sad feeling. We long to reconnect to God and get the old spiritual motor humming again but instead we […]

Religion or Jesus: Which Is It?

by Ladd

When I accepted Christ I began to share my faith—poorly. It was not long until I offended everyone I knew. First of all, I have to admit I didn’t have a clue about what I believed and secondly I did not honour anyone else’s view or arguments regarding why they were not interested. I just […]

Jesus Matters…

by Ladd
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Have you ever doubted God? I have always felt guilty for those times when I’ve asked myself, ‘is there really a God?’ Somehow I thought that to wonder and think through some of the deeper things attributed to, or said by God was treason to my faith. But was it? I’ve since come to a […]

A Serious Time To Be A Christian

by Ladd

Over the Easter weekend a suicide bomber in Pakistan blew up more than 70 Christian women and children. There are also stories coming out of Yemen that a priest may have been crucified on Easter Sunday though nothing is confirmed as of yet on that story. Regardless, the world is becoming a very unsafe place […]

God Is Good

by Ladd

God is good. The are three simple words but so many people in our culture refuse to believe. They believe, if they believe anything at all concerning the possibility of God, that He is actually quite evil. They figure if He is all-good and all-powerful then why doesn’t He do something to alleviate the pain […]

Guilt is a Quiet Killer

by Ladd
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Guilt is a quiet killer in the Christian community. I use to think why do people struggle so much with guilt when they have Christ as their savior, who not only died for sins, but also their guilt? Then I became involved in something that took a great number of hours a week to accomplish […]

Three Thousand Years Ago

by Ladd

Our Bible study groups are going to be starting a series of studies on the book of Judges this fall and I would like to invite you to study along with us. I know, people’s first reaction is, “what do you want to study that for?” But, Judges is one of the most instructive and […]