Finally we have some decent weather in our part of the world, and with warmer days and more sunshine everyone seems to be more alive. On the street people are taking the time to stop and talk with each other instead of rushing, head down, from building to building to escape the wind. Tourists are beginning to drift back into town, restaurants are opening for the season and boats are slowly taking up their moorings in preparation for a summers sailing.

My neighbors on either side of me are bachelors who have girlfriends this year and that means they are sprucing up their places and now I’ve got to do some yard and fence work to keep up with the neighbors. Last winter was the first year that my picket fences were totally buried and as a result of the wind off the bay my fences are a bit heehawed.

Also my Roses took a beating but my neighbor and I were able to save some of the larger branches by duct taping them back onto the main bush, and yes it worked. And as usual deer have eaten all my perennials once again. It looks like this year I’m going to take out the perennial garden and plant roses.

There are worse things than having a yard full of roses. There is something magical about walking out into the garden on a misty early morning to be assailed with the aroma of roses and salt air, so more roses and less smorgasbord for the deer living on Navy Island.

Around this time of year our Bible Study groups start thinking about our three hour Bible study that takes place each year at Bill and Mary’s. In the past we have studied “Jesus in the Parables,” and “Finding Jesus in Chapters 2 and 3 of Genesis.” This year we are going to study, “Jesus in the Exodus.” We will uncover the wonder of Jesus being the new Israel and how we as Christians are part of the new Exodus. But, this time it is a spiritual Exodus out of slavery to sin, Satan and death and deliverance to eternal life, grace and the Father’s arms.

Now I have to admit our three-hour Bible study doesn’t always turn out to be three hours of study because we haul the musical instruments out and spend a good amount of time worshipping God through song and prayer.

Talking about worship it reminds me that the whole purpose of the Exodus was to bring the children of Israel out of slavery so they could freely worship God and be a living testimony to the nations around them that God was all powerful and capable to care for anyone who put their trust in Him.

Worship, unfortunately, seems to be a part of Christianity that is neglected to a great extent these days. We have a band, sing a few praise songs before “the service” or muddle our way through an antiquated Hymn that no one knows or can sing and figure that is good enough. We have managed to make worship an introduction to the preaching or as I’ve mentioned, delegated it to a few songs scattered throughout the service.

The reason I mention this is because I am still living in the joy of having really worshipped with some friends. We were just about to start studying God’s Word when one of the group felt impressed that we were not worshipping God as we should and we were taking everything for granted. Without any hesitation everyone began to praise God and suddenly we were experiencing worship.

The more we praised Him the more we felt we wanted to continue, and I for one felt His presence very much in the room. When we finally opened the Bible words seemed to jump off the page at me with new understanding and depth. Even our prayers at the close of the evening had a new sense of urgency and passion for our community.

I think I’ve mentioned to you that this year we are going to sponsor a number of children to attend the local art centre for half-day courses in pottery making, drawing, crafts and painting. Most of the courses for the children have a nature theme built into the art, so they end up having a deeper appreciation for their environment as well as developing their creative side. The sponsorships we are offering are for the children of single moms who would find it almost impossible to find the extra cash to give their children this experience.

The response in giving has been amazing from the members of our study groups. Our problem is there are still more children that could use our help. The sponsorship for a child is ninety-five dollars for the week and your donation is tax deductible if you would like to help out.

Please contact me at and I will fill you in on the details of sponsoring a child. We don’t handle any money here at The Beggar Danced so I will give you the information on how to contact Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Centre and how to make sure your donation goes towards the sponsorship for the children of single moms.

Worship should not only touch our own souls but also through our worship touch the lives of people who can use a helping hand in life. I understand that our dollars only go so far and there are many worthy causes that need sponsoring so if this is a project that you don’t feel impressed to help sponsor that is fine. But please pray for our success and thank you for your prayers as nothing happens without them.  If you do feel impressed to be part of this ministry I thank you and encourage you to pray as well.

I will keep you updated as we move towards the starting date for the classes on how things are progressing. It’s 6:44am and a beautiful spring morning so I will close this post, find some old clothes and go for a walk.

* Folks, the persecution of Christians has not stopped.  If anything it’s increased. The main stream media doesn’t talk about it much anymore but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  Pray and stay informed and inform others.  Please take the time to read some of their stories at there is much more on the internet…