Over the last year Ruth and I are pleased to welcome many new readers to the blog. I have enjoyed reading your comments and have made some new friends through your emails. So, if you are new to the blog I should explain that once a year about this time I mention that Ruth’s CD’s are for sale and make great stocking stuffers.

Ruth has three CD’s. One is a folk recording called Salt Water Women and the songs all have a nautical theme. Ruth wrote each of the songs on the CD and it has become a favorite for people who love the romance of sailing ships, stormy seas and pirate legends.

Ruth has also released a Christmas CD called Christmas All the Time and it is a combination of traditional carols and original songs. The CD is spiritual in nature and looks at Christmas from a Christian perspective. Also, if you are not familiar with the beautiful sounds of the Hammered Dulcimer I assure you that you will fall in love with the instrument after listening to songs like O Come O come Emanuel and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen played on the Hammered Dulcimer.

A number of years back Ruth made a recording of a number of Christian songs that she wrote and our friend Kevin contributed a number of original songs as well. The vinyl and the cassettes sold very well but over the years the recording seems to have been forgotten as she worked on other projects. However, to our surprise people began to contact us to find out if they could still buy the record. Most of the people had either misplaced the recording or simply worn it out. Ruth decided to rerelease the album as a CD. Its title is Times Like This.

We sell the CD’s for fifteen dollars each, two for twenty-five or three for thirty. We also include the shipping on them but if you would like to send an extra dollar or two to help out it would be appreciated.

All you need to do is email me at ladd@thebeggardanced.com and give us your name and address and the title of the CD or CD’s you would like we will send it right out. I will email you back with the address where to send your check. I know you are thinking right now “check” – who uses them? But, because we do this just once a year we are not hooked up to PayPal or similar pay sites.

This is a trust thing we do so we will send the CD’s as soon as you order and depend upon your kindness to send the money to us. If you have friends and relatives that would like a CD please put them in contact with the blog and they can check out the sample cuts that we have for you.

Thanks for your support in helping with this ministry and your encouragement by reading and sharing the blogs. It means a lot to us to know you are enjoying the posts and receiving a blessing from them. I believe you will also enjoy all of these great CD’s. I should mention that Salt Water Women obviously doesn’t have a Christian theme but is just good folk music written to commemorate the achievements of women sailors and eccentrics in the world of wooden ships.

Mary from Times Like This

O Come O Come Emmanuel/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen from Christmas All the Time

Passamaquoddy Bay from Saltwater Woman

*  As always please remember to pray for the thousands of Christians who are suffering persecution for their faith in Christ., for many even unto death.  Go to  http://thebeggardanced.com/nine-oclock-club/ for some of their stories.