I woke up this morning to the reality that somewhere around midnight I had turned sixty-five. Jumping out of bed I looked myself all over and realized nothing significant had changed while I slept, no new wrinkles and my teeth hadn’t dropped out. To my surprise and delight I looked the same today as I did yesterday but now I am officially categorized as “senior citizen”.

I suppose I should ask myself “how did this happen?” I could spend the day reflecting upon the fact that my life seemed to fly by and time really has gone by way too quickly. But, the truth of the matter is I really don’t care, and the reason I don’t care is because I have the same blessings in my life today that I had yesterday.

It is a good thing to grow old in the Lord. My life may have more years behind it than before it, but I am content and happy with where I am in life at this very moment. I have an amazing circle of friends who love me and I love them. Many of you who read this blog are amongst that crowd and I want to thank you for your love and kindness. It means a lot to me.

Ruth, Jesse and Malinda are the delights of my heart and I couldn’t ask for a more loving and generous family. To know that I am important and loved by them makes turning sixty-five a breeze.

Most of all God loves me the same today as He loved me yesterday. Society may say when we become “old geezers” we are slowing down, but God just smiles and says I have some cool things for you to do now that you aren’t so busy with work.

People have told me that you are only as old as you think and that is true. This morning I am still thinking like I did yesterday. My friend Robert and I were walking down the street yesterday and a few days before he had just turned seventy. He looked at me and said, “the strange thing about turning seventy is I don’t feel old, I still feel young at heart.” I know exactly what he means.

For me every day is a delight because God has given me this day to enjoy and live to my fullest. Sure, the body is slowing down and I can’t do what I did when I was thirty but I couldn’t do at thirty what I get to do now.

Another thing about turning sixty-five you suddenly become eligible for things you weren’t when you were sixty-four like Old Age Pensions, and Canada Pension, and work Pension, senior discounts, and all the rest that comes with that. Why wouldn’t you want to be sixty-five?

I’ve got a great many more years left in this old body and I plan to use them well. I am going to continue to serve the Lord in every way possible. I hope to be able to contribute more to the proclamation of the Gospel that means so much to Ruth and me. I don’t plan to slow down and sit with my feet on the porch though I can if I want. I’m actually going to take more interest in my garden, walk more, exercise more, and visit family and friends more.

Come to think about it turning sixty-five is a pretty cool thing to have happen to you. It most certainly is nothing to be upset about or regret. I see it as a new beginning of the rest of my life.

Thanks for riding along with me these last few years and I thank you for letting me be part of your life. I’ve made new friends and reconnected with old friends, and I think we have all drawn a little closer to God.

* All’s quiet in the front…really? Just because it’s hardly reported in the news these days doesn’t mean it’s not happening anymore. Many people around the globe are STILL experiencing persecution for their faith in God, and many even unto death. They need our support and continuous prayers. Please take the time to read some of their stories at  http://thebeggardanced.com/nine-oclock-club/ there is much more on the internet but you have to search for it