I’ve been busy lately helping at an art center that recently saw its director have to leave for medical reasons. What started out as an occasional fill in role has developed into a full time job. Because of my own health problems I will only be able to help for a short period of time until I also have to leave.

All this reminds me that life can become very busy in a very short time. One day you are retired sitting on the front porch watching the world go by and the next you are working on artist contracts and gallery openings. This leads me to realize that we can very quickly put things, jobs, goals, loves and a dozen other things in front of God. Whenever we put something, however small in the place of God we reduce Him to a secondary place in our life. It is easy to do and hard to change.

As Christians we need to put Jesus first and remember to boast only in the cross. If we don’t we will find ourselves boasting in our accomplishments and good deeds. I need during this very busy time of my life to constantly keep reminding myself of God’s love and how much Jesus loves me.

Chris Tomlin – Jesus Loves Me (Love Ran Red Acoustic Sessions)

Chris Tomlin – I will Boast (Love Ran Red Acoustic Sessions)