Let me tell you a story about how God works. Awhile back a couple moved to our town from Ontario and began to attend the Bible study. As they were retired they decided to give some of their time to missions. They heard of an exciting mission opportunity in Hawaii where they met a wonderful pastor from Mongolia. It is interesting that of all the people they met during their three-month mission they seemed to click as friends with this man. Since returning to our town they have kept in touch with him and just a few days ago he sent my friends pictures of his ministry.

This pastor has a unique ministry in that his entire congregation consists of homeless people and his outreach is to the homeless. The pastor takes no money for his labor, as we would expect the congregation is very poor. He asks for nothing but prayers and encouragement in his ministry from my friends and their Bible study group.

Now, last Tuesday just before the Bible study group met I had a feeling that we should ask our friends to tell their story about how they met the pastor from Mongolia and maybe kick around a few ideas of how we might be able to help.  As we came to the end of the Bible study my friends gave a wonderful spirit filled talk about the ministry in Mongolia and we were about to leave it at that when a man spoke up.

This is where the story takes on an amazing aspect. There’s a lady from Florida who used to summer in our town, and happened to be visiting this week. She brought her friends with her and through a series of events found herself at our Bible study. Not only did she come to the Bible study but she brought her friends with her. It was this man from Florida who spoke up when my friends finished their presentation about wanting to help their pastor friend in Mongolia.This gentleman from Florida who found himself sitting in our front room in Canada on a Tuesday evening belongs to an organization that sends missionaries to third world countries. Just days before his travelling to our town, his organization had just sent a missionary to the very same city as my friends pastor friend ministers. The man took information about the ministry and promised to have their missionary friend contact the pastor and see what his needs are and what could be done to help him in his ministry.

Now, follow the story…  A man and woman from Ontario move to our town in Eastern Canada then go on a mission trip to Hawaii and there meet a man from Mongolia. Then they end up meeting a man from Florida who has just sent a missionary to the very city in Mongolia where their friend ministers, while sitting in my front room on a Tuesday evening. That is no coincidence, but instead the hand of God at work in the lives of a great number of people all of whom have to be faithful at different steps in the process.

My friends had to move to Eastern Canada and then they had to stumble upon this opportunity to serve in Hawaii. Then they had to go. Meanwhile the pastor from Mongolia had to be chosen to go on the special training program in Hawaii and then go at the same time my friends were there. Then they had to meet and become friends.

Meanwhile the gentleman from Florida had to become involved in a mission outreach ministry. He then had to accept the invitation to travel to Eastern Canada with his wife and her friend. Here his friend had to run into old friends who attend the Bible study group and that person had to be faithful to invite them to the study. Then the lady from Florida had to accept the invitation and ask her friend and husband to come with her. They had to accept the invitation.

Two years before, God had to put in the minds of some of us to start a Bible study group so that all these people could end up in our front room on Tuesday evening. Imagine if just one person in this whole story had not played their part in God’s leading!

Here is what I’ve learned from this experience. God is big and constantly leading in our lives to bring about His will for others and us. Certain things happen that we pay little attention to or think are quite minor, but are important steps in God’s plans. We don’t always know where God is going with things, but when we feel impressed to follow a prompting from the Spirit we should go with it. We might not understand why we did what we did at that moment but days, weeks, months, or years later suddenly a whole series of events will come together in perfect harmony to glorify God’s plans and leadings. We can only stand back and marvel at the power, patience and love of God that brings diverse ideas, plans, and ideas together through a variety of people to carry out His will.

To have the privilege to sit in that room last Tuesday evening and experience the planning, direction and leading of God has filled me with a whole new wonder and rejoicing in His power. What more could we do than praise His glory?

* Many people around the globe are currently experiencing persecution for their faith in God, and many even unto death, for the love of their God. These people know pain and suffering. They need our support and prayers. Please take the time to read some of their stories at  http://thebeggardanced.com/nine-oclock-club/ there is much more on the internet…