Those who follow this blog might be interested to know that has been operational now for one year. It seems hard to believe that one morning I woke up with the impression that I was to start a blog, and through much prayer, the help of my wife Ruth and friend Cindy this blog is now a reality.

The idea of the blog was to offer Biblical encouragement for people who were struggling through all sorts of personal and spiritual problems. It wasn’t long, however, till I discovered that many of my readers were Christians who simply enjoyed reading blogs and liked the Biblical content. I want to thank everyone who has made this blog part of their life for their support, encouragement, emails, both positive and corrective, for making the job of writing this blog fun.

I never know from post to post what the response will be or the reaction the blog incites, but whatever it is I have enjoyed receiving your feedback. A side to writing the blog that I never expected is that I have made many new friends and renewed friendships with a number of long standing old friends coming back into my life.

As well, the number of responses to the blog has pleased me. I thought for a small blog that had no national presence, advertising budget, or promotional plan that this undertaking would have a small audience made up of family and friends. I have been surprised at the number of people who have found their way to the site through word of mouth. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who told friends about the blog and invited them to check it out. Though is still a small blog in comparison to many of the “big name” Christian endeavors I am thankful for each reader that God has sent to these postings.

The two Bible study groups that I am involved in both stemmed from reflections regarding what I wrote about regarding small groups. It is one thing to encourage others to form small groups for Bible study, prayer and friendship, and quite another to get involved myself. These two groups and the friends that I have made through them are now highlights of my week. For many of us in the study groups, was our first introduction to each other and our friendships have sprung up from there.

In the first year I have been pleased to offer two Bible studies on the blog and they have both been well received. The first series was on Galatians and is available by looking under the check it out menu on the blog. The second series is ongoing and is on the book of James and can be found in the digging deeper section. I am hoping this year to do a study on Luke as well as try and keep a better schedule of releasing a new blog post every two to three days.

I would like to thank you once again for your prayers and support of the blog, and I can say with a humbled heart that it is very encouraging. One thing each of you could do, however, that would be a great strengthener to the blog is to tell two or three people who don’t read the blog about it. See if your pastor will mention it in the church bulletin, or let your support group or bible study group know. Please mention us on your Facebook page and don’t forget to like us and sign up for the free subscription. The more readers the more we are able to reach our communities with the love and compassion of Jesus that is the goal of the blog. Please keep us in your prayers and keep reading, and I will keep on writing. I’m looking forward to your emails and comments in 2014 and will continue to answer each one. May this year be one of courage, strength, and love.

Ladd and Ruth