Our Bible study groups watched this video clip this week and led to some great discussion. What makes the clip so powerful is the fact that many of us allow our past to discourage us from the present. We cannot deny our past or the pain those situations have cast upon us but we do not have to be defeated by them.

There is freedom in Christ that breaks the chains of living with the haunting voices of how we were treated by others. As Christine Caine says in the clip we were not designed by God to be objects to be used by others. We were born to serve God and worship Him with our body, soul, and heart.

Christine’s story may be disturbing to some but it is an amazing story of victory over the voices that cried out to her that she was never going to be good enough to be loved, cared for or succeed. Well, Christ crushed Satan and his negativity under His heel and set Christine free “in Christ.”

Christine’s story is so powerful because she has gone from a girl abused, abandoned and unwanted to running the largest anti-trafficking organization in the world. Her story does not have to be unique because God is longing to free us all from our pasts and bring us crashing into the present with power and grace and freedom. We can only envision what our futures hold when we allow Jesus to wrap His arms around us and hold us close.

We are loved unconditionally regardless of how others see us or treat us. We are special in the eyes of the God of the Universe. We are friends with God, children of the Kingdom. Reading in Mark 9 this morning I came across this text. “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” (v. 41)

Our past does not define us. God does. And His verdict is that we are loved beyond measure, unconditionally, eternally, and majestically simply because we are. You are free, regardless of your chains that try to drag you back to the past, because Jesus died and gave His life for you that your guilt, shame, pain, sin, and rebellion do not have to define you.

You are special because you are unique and God loves you as His only begotten child. Whoever hurts us has Mark 9:41 to look forward to. Let God be God and dwell in His love that flows like salve from the throne of God.

Enjoy the video clip it is 16 minutes long but worth every moment of your time.