Welcome to our study in the Book of James

Martin Luther considered this letter as secondary at best and referred to it as an, “epistle of straw.” John Calvin, on the other hand, considered it of the utmost importance and Christians have been somewhat divided over the book. For Luther there was too much emphasis on “the law,” and since justification by faith alone was the driving force, not only of his teachings but also of his conversion, he had little time for James.

Today, the Christian church considers James an important part of the Canon and countless millions of believers have received comfort, direction and support from the words of James. Since we just finished our study on Galatians it will be interesting to study James in light of what we have understood regarding the law and gospel from Paul’s viewpoint. I think we will discover through our studies that James doesn’t undermine Paul’s view of grace, but instead tends to be more pastoral in the application to grace within the life of a believer.

You will find the studies on the drop-down menu of Digging Deeper and as an improvement over how we formatted Galatians each study will have its own page with the comment section at the end of that page. I really look forward to your comments and hope that those of you who studied along with us on Galatians will continue with James. So with all this said, let’s get on with the introduction.

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