Do you ever think that you are becoming forgetful? It seems that has been happening to me more and more. And it is not just the small things that I forget like forgetting where I’ve placed the keys or my slippers. I am forgetting, at least for me, important things like what I was going to write on today. This week during my studies I came across an idea for this post and should have written the blog while everything was fresh in my mind. Instead I was enjoying my Bible study and didn’t want to take time out to write the post so I simply told myself I would remember what I wanted to write and of course I can’t remember.

How is it we can be so excited about something one moment and the next moment it is like the thought never existed? Have you ever wondered how you’ve ended up where you have in life? Can you remember the choices that led you to make decisions that have brought you to the spot where you are in your spiritual life?

I think we all have “defining moments,” or life altering times in our life, but I wonder if we recognized them for what they were at the time? I don’t believe these moments happen very often but when they do, and if we are in tune with ourselves, these collisions with destiny can totally redefine and reshape us.

We’ve all heard the expressions, “when the door opens walk through it,” or “when opportunity knocks take advantage,” but it is much easier to see those opportunities in hindsight than when they actually take place. How many of us wonder, “What might have been if only I had taken advantage of such and such an opportunity?”

Lost opportunities, however, don’t mean that new ones don’t come along and that we can’t learn from our mistakes and oversights. Take a few moments today to sit down and think back to the times when your life was impacted to such an extent that your life took on a new direction or maybe you created a whole new worldview.

Let me give you an example of what I’m saying. Years ago my sister and her husband invited Ruth and I to go away with them for a few days to hear some Christian speakers. I could have said no, but I had just lost my job and Ruth and I decided it would be fun so we went. That decision to go was a “defining moment in my life,” because it put into motion events that would change our lives and eventually lead to me writing this blog at four thirty in the morning. At those meetings Ruth and I became Christians and, as they say, everything else is history.

For some of you reading this post you can remember exactly when you made those decisions that changed your life. Some of those decisions were for the better and some of them for the worse. Maybe, you are at a crossroads right now and are facing a major decision that could impact your life significantly and you are not sure how to proceed?

Before we make any decision we should get down on our knees and seek God’s direction. All too often when faced with a major decision we are only looking for confirmation for what we want to do or how we want the situation to play out. But, that is not waiting on God or trusting in His guidance. Honestly seek out through prayer God’s guidance and then be willing to follow His directives. How can you know His directives you might ask? I believe that prayer opens our minds to the will of God and always drives us back to the Scripture. The Holy Spirit gives us insight and inspiration when we seek to understand the will of God for our life and He gives us clear insight into what God would have us do. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that if you have a trusted friend or pastor seek out their council as well, as they can have insights and objectivity that you just aren’t seeing.

And let’s be honest, often times we know the right decision before we even open the Bible because the Spirit has long ago convicted us about the right or wrong of a certain situation. The secret of growing as a Christian is to allow God to lead and listen to what He says through prayer, the Bible, Christian friends and good pastoral advice. These are avenues the Holy Spirit uses to create those, “defining moments,” in your life when new exciting opportunities for your future are there for the taking.

Yes, we are all getting older and more forgetful, but we don’t want to forget how God has led in our past if we are going to be open for His leading in the present. Like I mentioned earlier take time, sit down and reflect upon your life. Each of us has memories of precious times when God was very real to us and we don’t want to let those memories fade away. Forgetting where you placed your scarf or gloves is one thing, but, forgetting the ways God has led is quite another.

Your strength grows from your memories of how God has walked with you through the storms and the sunshine. Take His hand and walk with Him again trusting Him to lead and guide you into the Kingdom of God. Be courageous, be strong, no regrets, no retreat.