Boko Haram, Islamic terrorists, have become the face of evil in the world for their kidnapping of over 300 young girls in northern Nigeria. These girls, all students, were studying to improve their lives and had a future because of education.

Boko Haram is a group of Islamic fundamentalists who believe any form of western style education is wrong and against the Koran.  So, a group of young girls studying to become doctors, nurses, pilots, and scientists was just too much for these insane terrorists. They kidnapped the girls originally wanting to make them wives for the men of Boko Haram. But, somewhere along the line the leader of these deranged people decided that Allah had ordered him to sell the girls into slavery. The going rate was $12.50 per girl at last report.

Since the world has sat by and done nothing but bellyache and complain, a little Boko Haram has become more emboldened and two nights ago took another eight girls from a village. This looks like the new pattern for this group of mad men who now believe they can steal girls at random and face no retaliation from the Nigerian government or the world community.

Where is the world community? The great Christian democracies have said and done almost nothing until a grass roots movement amongst the people of these countries have embarrassed the political leaders into commenting on the kidnappings. The United Nations seemed indifferent concerning the kidnappings until these terrorists said they were going to sell the girls as slaves. After that comment the United Nations reminded these thugs that they could be branded terrorists for life and always be wanted men if they carried through with their threat. Then the United Nations got back to work on the really important issue of the day; looking into charges that the Vatican were involved in torture.

Only now are the U.S. and Europe beginning to offer aide to Nigeria to locate and return the girls. Rumors are all ready circulating that the girls have been dispersed into three or four neighboring countries so now the help might be too little and too late. Let’s pray that it isn’t.

Let me ask another question? Where is the Christian community? Why have we not been screaming at our elected officials to get involved and help these girls get home? We have turned a blind eye to the killing of Christians in Syria and the attacks on the Christian community of Egypt. We stand by while Nuns are kidnapped and priests beheaded with an attitude that it really isn’t any of our business. It is our business because we are Christians.

The community of believers stretches much further than the people sitting in the pew next to you Sunday morning. When we come to the Communion Table we are not only in relationship with God, but also with each other. The Christian in Nigeria is every bit as much my brother or sister as my best friend that I see in Church each week. It is a sad commentary on the state of the church that it has been the western secular press that has kept this story of the young girls kidnapping before us while the Church continues business as usual.

I wonder what the response would have been from the White House if forty or fifty letters had arrived on their doorstep written from the largest and most influential denominations in the country demanding action?

And what can we expect from the Islamic nations that support Boko Haram with guns, ammunition and financial aid? Complete silence. The Islamic community and their representatives have been totally silent on this issue. Can the Islamic community, just this once, stand up and call evil for what it is without thinking of the political ramifications?

In short, we as a world community, look very frail in light of what has happened to these poor girls. While a bunch of hate filled terrorists drag them off into the jungle and away from their families and life, the world twiddles their collective thumbs while watching another reality show.

Well, this IS reality for these girls. I can’t imagine what they have gone through and how painful their lives are. To be fifteen or sixteen years old and to be left to fend for themselves against these ignorant and backward terrorists is beyond describing. If we as a world, both Islamic and Christian, let these girls go into slavery because of our indifference we live in a world much worse than many of us imagined.