I want to thank the folk who email me. I really appreciate the feedback to the blog and the wonderful support you give me. I want to thank the people who write and trust enough to open up on some of the problems you face in your journey. I do my best to be honest and pray that you find my responses to be helpful. There are other people who write as well, and they have questions that might be of interest to all the readers.

One person wanted to know if I was a real minister or just say I’ve been in ministry because of doing ministry things over the years. I was and still am an ordained minister. I was a pastor for a number of years in the Maritime Provinces of Canada and also in Ontario. I also taught religion at a Christian boarding school for a number of years. These were wonderful experiences for me and I loved my work. Unfortunately I developed MS in the mid 1990’s and had to leave active ministry. I wandered away from God because it is very easy to do. If you don’t fellowship with fellow believers, read your Bible, keep an active prayer life and keep yourself open to the leading of the Spirit, you just fade away from God. As I’ve said on this blog numerous times God doesn’t leave us; we do the leaving. Through these years that I was indifferent towards God I didn’t stop believing in God, I just didn’t have time for Him. I believe that most people who lose their faith do not start by throwing God out the window. It just happens over time.

We find excuses for not going to church, or praying or associating with our Christian friends. Then the next thing we know we are saying things like, “we’re good people, going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, and God loves me regardless.” All those things may be true, but we do not sustain our growth as Christians without interaction with fellow believers. I now attend a little church with about forty members and it’s a joy and privilege to be accepted by these fine people. I would encourage anyone who is alone in their Christian walk to find a good church where you can grow as a Christian.

I’m sorry I just took for granted that people would assume Ruth is my wife. She is, and she takes all the pictures for the blog with the exception of the man kneeling and praying in one of the earlier posts. Ruth takes most of the pictures close to our home and some of the photos were actually taken out our windows. She spends most of her time writing or performing music. Recently she released a CD called Times Like This that was originally done as an LP. On Ruth’s behalf I want to thank everyone for their support of the CD. If you want to know more about Ruth check out her website at ruthdunfield.com

I’ve also had a few people ask about the Subscription and comments regarding the blog. The subscription is free. It is a tool to inform you through email when I post a new blog. I want to thank those people who have already subscribed. I would encourage you to leave your comments if you find something interesting in any of the posts. I want to thank those who comment fairly frequently; it is much appreciated.

Someone recently told me that they like the blog but they don’t feel discouraged in their journey. I assured them the blog is for everyone regardless of their experience. Thank you all for reading my blog and the encouragement you give me in this endeavour.