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Call to Service

by Ladd
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How many times in your life have you been offered a position in your local church? Probably, most of you have at one time or another in your life. It usually works that a church nominating committee go over the names of church members and then decide this person would be right for the job. […]

The True Condition of Your Heart Is…

by Ladd

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4 I have heard the above text preached at funerals, used to comfort people who have gone through hard times and offered as support for people facing illness. Though God does hear our prayers and answer us when we call out to Him, I […]

The Tough Question…

by Ladd
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In parts of China, right now, people are being forced to make choices between their Christian faith and surviving the economic pressure being put upon them for being a Christian. In at least two provinces all social assistance is denied to practicing Christians. Their children are being discriminated against, and in some cases, banned from […]

Ancient Authenticity

by Ladd
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I first read Caesar’s Gallic Wars in an abbreviated version when I was fifteen or sixteen years old. My interest in the book was formulated when I read the Classic Comic Caesar’s Conquests in the late nineteen fifties. I haven’t thought much about the book for many years and probably wouldn’t have thought about it […]

Think It Through…

by Ladd
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Recently, I’ve been noticing a backlash against trusting in the love of God. The argument goes something like this, “those Christians just believe God loves them and then they go about their business as if nothing else matters. They have totally abolished the wrath of God and His vengeance against sinners.” The above, unfortunately, non-hypothetical […]