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What Does This All Mean?

by Ladd
sunrise and gull 3

Recently sixty Christian pastors were imprisoned in Vietnam. They join forty others who are held by the communist controlled government, some since 2001. Because of the rapid growth of Christianity in the region the government has tried to get a hold on the situation by cracking down on the number of churches in the country […]

Eureka Moments…

by Ladd
sun in tree

I’ve been reading the Nonviolent Atonement by Denny Weaver and I have to admit it is an eye opener. In today’s post I’m not going to go into the assertions and conclusions that Professor Weaver makes, but I assure you I will be writing on his work in a number of upcoming posts. What I […]

Who’s Pulling the Strings?

by Ladd
birds on wall

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful summer day. It is convention time in the U.S. and that means three months of non-stop political commercials and rallies. Everything we are going to see on the news and read in the papers will be related one way or another to the game of politics. I personally […]

The Biggest Lie

by Ladd
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Without a doubt the biggest lie we tell ourselves spiritually is that if we change God will love us. The reason for this lie is that we project onto God what we feel about ourselves. We know the sinfulness of our thoughts, the poor motives for our actions, the indifference to things that are important […]

Speaking to a Broken World…

by Ladd
bench & chair

According to a new survey of young adults, they are in a nasty mood. The majority of them believe the system is rigged against them and that the two party political systems in the U.S. (where the survey was conducted) are broken but fixable. They don’t like either candidate, this year, for president and believe […]

These Troubled Times…

by Ladd
Squirrels on wire

For years I believed that I knew what the end of time would look like. I was sure certain events would have to take place that would be markers telling us just where we were on the compendium of last day events. Now, I’m not as sure. Something is happening but what it all means […]

First Take the Log Out of Your Eye…

by Ladd

How many times have we heard the admonition to hate the sin but love the sinner? But that is the opposite of what Jesus really tells us in Scripture. He says hate the sin but also hate the sin in your own life. When we have taken the log out of our own eye then […]

Urban Legend Or Law?

by Ladd
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And we thought we had problems! If Noah had lived in the United States in the last ten years, the story may have gone something like this: And the Lord spoke to Noah and said, “In one year, I am going to make it rain and cover the whole earth with water until all flesh […]

Hole in God’s Heart

by Ladd
hole in tree

I’ve been thinking about the love of God now for a number of weeks and the more I meditate on it the more convinced I’ve become that we can’t even begin to fathom such love. Let’s talk about sin for a moment. Sin has a great many definitions in the Bible but I like the […]