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Is God Mad at You?

by Ladd
face in tree

We spend a great deal of time writing about the love of God on this blog and I find it interesting how many people find that mystifying. To them God is wrathful, revengeful, an exacting judge ready to zap them for the smallest of infractions. How have we come to see God this way? Why […]

At the Cross

by Ladd
faded cross

What was it that actually happened at the cross? What was it that God was accomplishing by having His Son die at Calvary? Well I believe that are a number of things that God made clear through the substitutionary death of Jesus, and these, of course, have amazing ramifications for our spiritual wellbeing. In Romans […]

Spiritual Slump

by Ladd
bent tree

Have you ever gone through a dry spell in your Bible study or prayer life? It is something, I think, we all face at some time or another and to be honest it is quite a sad feeling. We long to reconnect to God and get the old spiritual motor humming again but instead we […]

Christ Without Christianity

by Ladd
peeling bark

“Christ without Christianity” my friend said the other night while we were talking. I was picking his brain about a Café that some friends were opening a couple of evenings a month. No doubt about his suggestion would attract the curious, but there was more to the name than being a simple “hook.” I believe […]

Religion or Jesus: Which Is It?

by Ladd

When I accepted Christ I began to share my faith—poorly. It was not long until I offended everyone I knew. First of all, I have to admit I didn’t have a clue about what I believed and secondly I did not honour anyone else’s view or arguments regarding why they were not interested. I just […]

A Spiritual Element…

by Ladd

Very often when I tell someone I am a Christian the response is not overwhelmingly positive. The word Christian has picked up a lot of baggage over the years and some of that negativity is unfortunately deserved. As Christians we have projected a narrow, holier-than-thou attitude that has manifested itself in a great number of […]

Yikes! A Few Extra Pounds…

by Ladd
face in water

Dieting is never easy. There is no doubt about it the older we become the more difficult it is to lose weight and keep it off. Since I have put on seven pounds, since returning from vacation, that I had previously lost through hard work and what seemed like an unbelievable period of time I […]