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Relentless Tenderness of Jesus

by Ladd

God loves you unconditionally. This statement is one of the most revolutionizing concepts that a follower of Jesus could ever comprehend. It is easy to make the Gospel all about us, but that is not the true Gospel. The very core of Scripture is the exposure to a lost world that the great unfathomable God […]

A Look At Christianity In Our World Today

by Ladd

For many years there was a belief floating around that the more enlightened, educated, urban, and sophisticated people became the less interested in Christianity they became. Today, that myth is all but shattered with the renewal of spirituality throughout the world. In just the last hundred years Africa has seen Christianity grow from one percent […]

Jesus Matters…

by Ladd
couple at falls

Have you ever doubted God? I have always felt guilty for those times when I’ve asked myself, ‘is there really a God?’ Somehow I thought that to wonder and think through some of the deeper things attributed to, or said by God was treason to my faith. But was it? I’ve since come to a […]

Trust is…

by Ladd
girl looking

There are many great themes running throughout the Bible that when understood properly have an amazing impact on our attitude and response to God. The Bible is the story of God searching for the lost to restore them to their rightful place as children of God in the Kingdom of Heaven. And, of course, there […]

Thinking It Over…

by Ladd

I recently received an email from a friend about a text in the book of Daniel. It seems his friend had sent him a reference to the text to try and prove a point of theology. The only problem with this proof texting was the text had nothing to do with the issue my friend’s […]