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The Stigma of “sinner”

by Ladd

The New Testament is peopled with a host of interesting and intriguing people who pop in and out of the narrative either acting upon or reacting to the Gospel. Some of these characters we know almost nothing about, yet they play key roles in our understanding the impact of the Gospel in the lives of […]

Blessings of Grace

by Ladd

Philip Yancey in his book, Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference? relates the story of a man he calls Mark. “I have suffered from a very serious emotional condition all of my adult life – boarder line personality disorder – with the attendant depression, extreme anxiety, and debilitating physical symptoms. In way of explanation, and […]


by Ladd

The city of Corinth, mentioned in the New Testament, was a cosmopolitan city that very much resembled our modern cities in culture, belief and attitudes. Though the city was considered a hub of intellectual pursuit, as well as a commercial crossroads, it was decadent and morally corrupt. Von Dobschutz wrote, “The ideal of the Corinthian […]

Voices From the Past…

by Ladd

Charles Templeton wrote a novel, The Act of God, in which he had an archaeologist make the following statement.  “The Christian church bases its claims mostly on the teachings of an obscure young Jew with messianic pretentions who, let’s face it, didn’t make much of an impression in his lifetime. There isn’t a single word […]

Myth or Reality…

by Ladd

A criticism that has come across my desk regarding this series is the idea that Paul drew more of his material from the mystery religions of the Roman Empire than he did from the Gospels. This would show that Paul’s writings were a contrast with the teachings of Jesus and therefore not reliable. This is […]

Line of Custody…

by Ladd

The last couple of posts we have looked at the accuracy of the Old Testament manuscripts and the New Testament manuscripts so now it’s time to move on to the chain of evidence that takes us from the writing of the New Testament to the Council of Laodicea when the manuscripts were codified into what […]

Chain of Evidence…

by Ladd

Last post we looked at the work that went into making sure the Old Testament manuscripts were accurate. We have not said they are true, just that they are accurate and have been copied cleanly. Whether or not these accurately copied transcripts are true must wait for another time. This blog will look at the […]

Test of Time…

by Ladd

How can we be sure the Bible is really the word of God and hasn’t been filled with errors and mistakes over the years of copying it by hand? The Bible, as we know it, was written over a 1500-year span that encompassed forty generations with forty different writers. Also, the Bible was written from […]

Don’t Give Up

by Ladd

I’ve had some interesting emails lately regarding the topic of how to share your faith in a world that is fairly hostile to Christianity. There was a time when most people in North America had a Judeo/Christian background. As a result there was a starting point for discussion. A person who wasn’t a follower of […]

How Great Is Our God – Louie Giglio

by Ladd

This is an amazing talk so I hope you will settle back and enjoy. I want to thank my pastor, Arnet Mathers for bringing this video to our attention. If you like Science, Astronomy and God you will love this!