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Where Have All the Youth Gone?

by Ladd

Ed Hird in his book, Battle for the Soul of Canada, calls for churches to rise up and nurture a generation of Timothy’s. Who was Timothy and why do we need modern day examples of this man? Timothy was Paul’s “go to guy” when he needed a loyal, smart, courageous and spiritually sensitive leader for […]

Make Life Happen

by Ladd

Some people let life happen to them, other people make life happen. It is a simple concept but it has the potential to change your life. I mentioned in one of the previous blogs that Ruth and I hosted three wonderful pianists who stayed with us over the last two weeks. These three young men […]

Step By Step

by Ladd

Both my children studied in England. They sent for a bulletin and the pertinent forms, and then got busy preparing their application. They needed references, transcripts, written essays, medical records, citizenship papers and a host of other paperwork in order to be considered. Once all the forms were filled out, sent off and their applications […]

Stand Firm

by Ladd

God has a plan for your life. I know from personal experience that it is often difficult to see God’s leading, and there are times when we feel absolutely abandoned. I remember asking God to lead in regards to a building we wanted to purchase for the church I was pastoring, but in spite of […]

Lonely in a Crowd

by Ladd

There’s no two ways around it, loneliness is a difficult feeling to work through. When you crave companionship and there is no one there for you, life can feel very unfair and hurtful. Loneliness is a strange emotion because you can feel it even when you are with a group of people. Have you ever […]

Through the Little Things

by Ladd

My mother had a stroke while telling a children’s story at church. Providentially she survived the attack, but unfortunately was left partially paralyzed. My mother went to church that morning filled with joy not knowing she would never enter her home again. She went directly from the hospital to a nursing home where she spent […]

Life Gets in the Way

by Ladd

I woke up at five o’clock this morning, read the emails to the blog and then sat down to write this post. Nothing. I started a few ideas, but they fell flat. It seemed like I would write a couple of lines, look them over and then press delete. Usually I sit down at the […]

Whistling in the Dark

by Ladd

I was reading online recently about a large evangelistic series of meetings held in New York City. The jury is still out on whether or not the series was a success considering the money spent. What interested me, however, was the content of the meetings and their ability to draw people to church. Notice I […]

Take Time…

by Ladd

Are you too busy to take time out of your packed schedule for your spiritual growth? Many Christians believe that they are. Between work, household chores, running the children to sports events, and attending church events there is not much time left for anything. Surveys taken in regards to people’s spiritual condition show that numbers […]

Isn’t God Good!

by Ladd

There is at least one thing God can’t do, and that is love me any more than He already does. There is also nothing I can do to make God stop loving me with all His heart. No matter how many times I ponder those two statements the result is always the same, I come […]